CK ANDOVER - Under 13s 2016/17

Welcome to the U13's We have been together now since U9's, with over half the the team being originals.
Our team is full of great characters & personalities.
Bryan & I encourage the team through teaching that we always play with freedom & fun, which is the whole CK ethic.
Please feel free to come and join us for training.


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01 October 2016: CK Andover v Basingstoke Shooters
CK Andover 4 v 2 Basingstoke Shooters
Well after some absolutely brilliant results recently the lads were on a high & full of confidence, and i think this match has hopefully taught them a lesson. They presumed because of Shooters results they were going to thrash them, but never happened!!
This was our first match on the new East Anton Pitches and i have to say that the facilities and pitches are fantastic!!
The match started with both teams finding there formation and trying to play some good football, but that's where it ended really. The match saw CK very much dominating in terms of possession, but just couldn't find the back of the net. Eddie Maloney was making some fantastic runs through to goal, but either couldn't find the right shot or needed to pass the ball to a free team mate.
Basingstoke were playing well above what there form suggested, and we found that they were catching us on the break, and eventually that paid off for them, going in front after 17mins with a fine team goal.
I think that woke the lads up a little because they realized they had a game on there hands.
We did have some great passing moves through Eddie, Felix, Ciaran & Sammy, that paying off with a goal from Eddie Just before half time. Making it 1-1.
Bryan basically told the lads to wake up and play like a team that was top of the league, We swapped Jacob For James, Louis Shinton for ET, & Josh Ebanks for Jack.
We started the second half with more belief which was good, the lads closed don the ball a lot quicker as well.
Within 5 mins we managed to go in front with a great Sammy Morley move, taking in round a couple of players then shooting with his first shot saved he pounced onto the rebound.
Josh Ebanks & Felix were making some fantastic runs down the wing and laying off some top passes to Ciaran, Eddie & Josh.
With CK piling on the pressure Louis Shinton pounced on the loose ball to take up again.
Playing in truly "Biblical" Rain the lads found it difficult to get ball through to the strikers.
Finally we thought we had the game by the scruff of the neck and it showed because our opposition were getting ill disciplined, but we just kept our heads and kept playing our game.
With 5 mins to go the lads relaxed a bit to much a Basingstoke got there second with another fine goal.
So with time running down we swapped Josh Viney For Jack and straight away Jack got hold of the loose ball and drilled a low shot which got a little deflected into the far corner.
End of match
I was pleased with our link up play on occasion, and the work rate of Felix, Josh Ebanks, Eddie & Sammy Morley, together with the crunching tackles of Ben & Archie were truly immense. The rest of the team need to work on there fitness and attitude to there opposition.
A final note about there keeper, he was truly amazing and kept them in the game for long periods!!
CK Stay top and three points clear.

24 September 2016: Alderbury v CK Andover
Alderbury 2 v 3 CK Andover

This match was billed as a David versus Goliath with CK Definitely being David after losing twice against them last season.

The match started exactly how we thought after some very strong words before the match started because the lads were all still half asleep, ans Bryan & I predicting a very hard day ahead.
The Alderbury team are a very talented side with some good skillful players. They piled on the pressure, but as normal the Lads defended as a unit and just kept soaking up the pressure.
We knew the longer the match continued the more we had a chance of pulling something from the game. We switched formation from 3-5-2 to 4-4-2 which really seemed to help.
Bryan saw that we were getting more impact down our right hand side so pulled the team more across to the right and almost straight away we nearly scored from some good battling work from Eddie & Felix with Eddie setting up Ciaran only for the ball to go just over the bar.
That attack gave the lads belief that they could break Alderbury down.
Half-time came with the score levelled @ 0-0
The Team talk was simple, keep playing like you are, just close the ball down quicker and believe that you can win this match not just hold for a draw.
We swapped Jack for Sammy, Jacob for Archie and Louis Shinton for Will.
Straight away they looked like a team that were going to grab this game by the scruff of the neck. I pushed Eddie up front with Ciaran and pulled Josh Viney back into midfield. with a couple of minutes gone Will sent Eddie on a run who saw his shot saved only for Ciaran to tap the rebound in!!! We even practiced that in training!!!
Suddenly it was game on and the lads piled on the pressure again finding space down the right with with Felix, Josh Ebanks, Ciaran all linking up well, then it happened the ball went to Ciaran deep on the right hand side just outside the 18 yrd box and he hit his cross come shot!! which looped over the keeper straight into the top left hand corner of the goal!! 0-2 to CK, we couldnt beleive what we were seeing finally they were all playing like we knew they could.
Within minute CK broke them down on the break again and the ball came to Sammy who hit a sublime shot into the top right hand corner of the net!!
0-3 CK!!
All we asked the lads to do now was not get cocky just keep playing their game, but i think they were in a little shock themselves and Alderbury took a shot at goal which was heavily deflected and went in, making it 1-3.
Then again with 10 mins to go the same happened again making it 2-3.
What came next was the best bit for me although very nerve racking, Our team just pulled together and kept fending Alderbury off even having a couple more chances on goal!!!

Match Finished Aderbury 2-3 CK Andover
WOW,WOW,WOW well down lads three wins out of three that is simply amazing, you are a credit to yourselves and the club.

17 September 2016: CK Andover v Shipton Rams
CK Andover 2 v Shipton Rams 1
What a truly Biblical Match this was!!
Straight away we could see the lads were up for this match! they set themselves up for warm up which shows great professionalism and Team Spirit.
The game started with both teams very nervous of putting a foot wrong, it became a battle of the midfield with both goalkeepers not touching the ball for the first 5mins.
Shipton broke the deadlock first though a well taken shot from the edge of the box, but we never looked like we were going to loose this match!
CK again dug deep and played their game and halfway through the first half we broke back to make it one all with a great through ball to Debutante Eddie Maloney which he pounced on & Ciaran dragged the defenders away from Eddie with a great ghost run to his left giving Eddie space to run and blast the ball into the top of the net, very well taken goal.
Halftime 1-1
We told the lads to just keep playing their game and go out there with pride, and take the opportunity when it comes!
The game became scrappy again with Shipton losing their discipline on more than one occasion! But the lads just kept their heads knowing that Shipton were losing theirs!!
With 5mins to go the ball ended up in the Shipton box, and after a few seconds a bouncing around the ball fell to Jack Smallbones who calmly slotted home from close range again!!
Shipton gave it everything in the last few minutes but every CK Player knew all they had to do was play the ball down in the Shipton end.
Fantastic Performance by every player!!
WELL DONE LADS Joint top!! on six points
Bryan & I couldn't be prouder of the whole team.

10 September 2016: Littleton Leopards v CK Andover
Littleton Leopards 2-6 CK Andover

Great start to the season!!

Bryan & I were hoping for a good start to the season because this team is capable of so much!!
The first half was full of twists and turns in the first half, but after a few attempts on goal by Archie, Ben, Jack Ciaran, James Pay and Ethan we broke through with a great goal from Josh Viney after 7 mins.
Then after 14 mins Ciaran Doubled the lead with a fine goal.
Almost from the kick off Littleton scored with a team splitting pass then through on goal, which Tyler saved the first shot superbly but they got to the rebound first.
Halftime finished 1-2 to CK
It was a tight match for a few minutes but thankfully Jack Smallbones pounced on a loose ball in the box to calmly slot home making it 1-3 which seemed to settle the team.
Next came the next twist because completely against the run of play Littleton scored there second goal again on the break.
Wow the reply to there goal was in the form of a 30 yard screamer of a free kick from Ben Hewlett, well done Ben great goal.
CK really piled on the pressure then with Ciaran scoring for the second time with another well taken goal.
Finally the lads finished off theIr performance with another well taken free kick from Ben Hewlett to add to his tally of two.
Game finished 2-6 to Ck
one final point i would like to add was that this was the best team performance that I have seen from these Lads, they have really taken on board Bryan I's comments about team play being the most important part of their game. WELL DONE TEAM!!!

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Under 13s 2016/17

Martin Ruddick & Bryan Smith

We have 16 players in our squad:- Tyler Aldridge, Jacob Simmonds, Louis Howe, Ben Hewlett, Ethan Ruddick, Felix Heathcote-Hobbins, Archie Ward, Louis Shinton, Ciaran Smith, Josh Viney, Sam Morley, Josh Ebanks, Will Davies, James Pay, Eddie Malony & Jack Smallbones

Our Spring/Summer training is @ Barrow Hill Goodworth Clatford 18:00-19:30 Our Autumn/Winter training is @ John Hansen School Andover on the astro Pitch 18:00-19:30