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14 December 2013: South Newton and Wishford 4 Vs CK Andover 1
CK Andover U15s travelled to South Newton and Wishford feeling confident of a well needed win, after a string of losses.
Right from the off the boys were struggling though, with a very poor pitch, mud was sticking to their boots a lot better than the ball ever did.
South Newton however took advantage of our errors and scored 3 goals in fairly quick succession to leave the half time score at 3-0.
With the boys clearly frustrated and happy to blame each other, the weather, the pitch, anything but take responsibility, it was time to make changes.
The second half was much better and with the boys starting to enjoy the game, we experimented with players in different positions.
The confidence to take a shot on goal improved this half and a goal from Callum James made the score 3-1.
The final score 4-1, and the boys were happy to take the positives from the second half.

07 December 2013: Fordingbridge Town 5 Vs CK Andover 1
CK Andover U15s travelled to top of division 1 Fordingbridge Town, for the league cup in what was to be our toughest challenge yet. The pre-match team talk encouraged the boys to go out and have some fun, the plan being to take the pressure away and hope for some good football. We never expected to win this game but from the off Fordingbridge were frustrated by our defensive tackles and some great saves from keeper Matt Castle.
CK have always experienced a hostile environment at Fordingridge, and today was no exception, with their parents complaining at every linesman decision. All credit to the boys today, they never gave up and played exactly as they had been asked with passion, enthusiasm and enjoyment.
With the score at half time 3-0, (2 of which should clearly have been disallowed,) the boys were rightly fired up and ready for a second half fight, and captain for the day, Michael Mcdonnell did his job and kept the boys focussed.
A well taken penalty and first goal for Michael McDonnell made the score 3-1 shortly into the second half.
With the final score a respectable 5-1, the boys came away with their heads held high and ready to take on the next challenge.

30 November 2013: WORTHYS 15 5 Vs CK Andover 0
After a disappointing performance last week, CK U15s went into this game with a much better, more positive attitude. Right from the start we looked more lively and were more vocal, and bossed the game from the off. Multiple one on one opportunities on goal from Will Morton in particular, proved frustrating, but it was a pleasure to see heads never dropped and even after conceding a goal shortly before half time, we truly believed this was our game for the taking.
The second half started much the same as the first with Luke Borley making endless runs into the box but unfortunately the finish wasn't there.
An against the game further 4 goals for Worthies finished the game 5-0, but in the words of their manager, this didn't reflect the game at all. The difference being, they had the confidence to take a shot on goal and we didn't.
Man of the match goes to Charlie Wooten, who has shown this week his ability to be a strong, confident defender, well done Charlie, keep it up.

23 November 2013: CK Andover 0 Upper Clatford 6
After leading 3-1 until the dying minutes, and ending with a 3-3 draw on our visit to Clatford a few weeks ago, CK U15s really believed a score settling win was on the cards today.
Unfortunately what the boys forgot to tell us was that they left their fight, determination and shooting boots at home.
Right from the start Clatford looked the stronger team, wanting and winning every ball, with CK watching and letting their attackers walk through our defence, scoring sloppy goals.
At half time with the score at 4-0, some key players were taken off and others given the opportunity to prove themselves.
Although an improvement on the first half, the second half never looked like things were going to change for the better.
An unfortunate disallowed goal from Adam Knight, which clearly crossed the line, could've made for a consilation goal, but it was not to be. The final score a disappointing 6-0.
A few special mentions for today to Tom Cox for a good solid defensive performance and Matt Castle for keeping the score as low as it ended and to man of the match Adam Knight for an impressive attitude, coming onto the pitch from the subs bench and getting stuck straight in.

16 November 2013: CK ANDOVER 1 Vs OVERTON 5
CK U15s went into this game feeling evenly matched, after a 2-1 defeat at Overton a few weeks ago. On this occasion we were several key players missing, so with a stronger line-up we were confident of the win.
However neither team turned up on the day, as noted by both managers.
Unfortunately Overton quickly proved to be the more dominant team and changes within the CK squad made no difference.
Our only ray of sunshine on the day was man of the match Liam Stuthridge with a gutsy attempt on goal, which caught the keeper off guard and snuck in to make the final score 5-1.

09 November 2013: CK Andover 3 Upper Clatford 3
CK Andover U15s travelled to local side Upper Clatford in cold and wet conditions. With a pitch already soggy from all the rain and Upper Clatford down to 11 players we were quietly confident to take the 3 points from the top of the league table team. An early goal from Clatford though meant CK had to wake up and work harder. A great goal from Bartek Wywra got CK up and running and strengthened the belief. With Bartek soon scoring a second, CK began dominating the game. After half time and with the rain coming down hard and the pitch cutting up badly, players were unsteady on their feet, but a composed cross from Will Morton, enabled Luke Borley to poke in a third goal for CK. With only 15 minutes left on the clock CK started to play with confidence and great strikes from Bailey Turner and Callum James were denied frustratingly hitting the post and crossbar. Some great saves from man of the match Matt Castle kept the dream alive, but the dream was to be shattered with 2 goals from Clatford in quick succession. CK never gave up fighting for every ball, looking for the winner, but on this occasion the whistle came too soon. With the final score at 3-3 a well deserved point for CK which could so easily have been 3. Heads up boys, next week we do it all again.

Under 15s 2013/2014

Melissa / Andy James

Jamie Belbin, Luke Borley, Matt Castle, Lewis Coggins, Tom Cox, Mustafa Gozlugol, Callum James, Bradley Johnson, Liam Kelleher, Henry Kingett, Adam Knight, Michael McDonnell, Rhys Mallon, Will Morton, Liam Stuthridge, Callum Taylor, Kamil Tomczyk, Bailey Turner, Charlie Wooten, Bartek Wyrwa.

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