CK ANDOVER - Under 11s 2014/2015

The CK U11's are a great bunch our lads that just keep getting better and better with every training session and every match that has been played. This team has the CK spirit right through the whole team, try your best, play as a team, enjoy the game and if you win whilst doing all of that then that's a real bonus.


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07 September 2014: Fixtures
L 13/09/14 10:00 CK Andover U11's v Upper Clatford Royals U11's Barrow Hill

20/09/14 10:00 Andover Shooters U11's v CK Andover U11's Wherwell Playing Field

27/09/14 10:00 CK Andover U11's v Basingstoke Shooters U11's Barrow Hill

11/10/14 10:00 Fordingbridge Turks U11's v CK Andover U11's Burgate School or Recreation Ground U11

18/10/14 10:00 CK Andover U11's v Littleton U11's Barrow Hill

08/11/14 10:00 Porton U11's v CK Andover U11's Porton Camp

15/11/14 10:00 CK Andover U11's v Shipton Bellinger U11's Barrow Hill

22/11/14 10:00 South Wonston Swifts U11's v CK Andover U11's South Wonston primary school

29/11/14 10:00 CK Andover U11's v South Wonston Swifts U11's Barrow Hill

06/12/14 10:00 Upper Clatford Royals U11's v CK Andover U11's Upper Clatford

13/12/14 10:00 CK Andover U11's v Andover Shooters U11's Barrow Hill

13 August 2014: league Table & Fixture list link
Well here goes our fixture list has been published for the new season. Please follow this link to the website or cut and paste it into your Web browser to keep up to date with what going on. Thank you

Under 11s 2014/2015

Martin Ruddick & Brian Smith
01264 362023

Captain Ben Hewlett, Josh Viney, Ciaren Smith, Ethan Ruddick, Sam Lees, Sam Morley, Sam Mcreedy, Ronan Houghton, James Swadling, Louis Shinton, Tyler Aldridge, Ollie Culley, Oliver Grithiths-Jones, Josh Ebanks, James Pay, Louis Howe, Archie Ward, Will Davies and Felix Heathcote-Hobbins including George Chivers

Through the Summer we are training every Tuesday between 18:30 & 19:30 @ our home ground @ Barrow hill Goodworth Clatford. Then we will go into our Winter training, but we haven't decided on the day or pitch yet. Please keep an eye on the website for any changes. Thank you

Fixture list